We competed at the 14th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships in August 2010 in Menzelinsk Tatarstan (Russia). Pam and Brian both earned a GOLD medal in 4-way Sequential. Here are some highlights and photos from our trip:

This was the first world meet we "went native" and did not rent a car, taking only public transportation and staying at the drop zone. The highs were 100'F+ every day and there was no air conditioning. It was quite the experience for us!We arrived in Russia 5 days prior to competition to adjust to the 11 hour time change from Arizona. The drop zone was 599 miles straight East of Moscow.Photos left: We stayed on the drop zone in (officially) the bungalows - but the other residents affectionately called them the cell blocks - our was block 1 cell 4.This year they were able to get volunteer interpreters from the local university to help us translate Russian/English. Here were a few photos of the interpreters:

Left: An aerial view of the drop zoneRight: After Pam lands she takes some time to sign

 autographs and pose with some of the locals....

Photo left: 2-way Team "G's" - Mark, Chris, and Liz (Eli)

Photo right - 2-way Team "P's" - Brian, Pam, Mike and our favorite interpreter Dilyara who we smuggled onto one of our planes for a ride

Photo Below Left: Brian and (host) Roman at the Swoop competition in Kolomna. Notice the smoke in the background.

Photo Center: Brian & Pam in KazanPhoto Right: Brian & Pam eating dinner just outside of Kazan with Adel and his grandparents. Traditional Tatar meal with the famous 'triangles' and plenty of fresh vegetables from their garden.Pam taking time out to swim with the dolphins in Naberezhnye Chelny. For US$33 Pam could not afford not to swim with them!! Her smile was worth more than $33!!

Photo left: Brian receives his gold medal in 4-wayPhoto Right: Our hosts in Kazan, Mansur and Farida. They we gracious to put us up for 3 days/2 nights and escort us around Kazan. We learned so much about the Tatar culture and history from them. THANKS!

Photo Left: Strategic efforts are underway in attempt to locate Mike's free bag.Photo Center: The small village where Mike's main landed.....Photo Right: Pam and Adel's grandmother pose in her garden... notice the permanent smile on her face!!!