Brian started skydiving in 1991. Yuliya started skydiving 2003, We both have been competing in canopy formation competition and world records. Here are some of the events we have been in:

2003 World Meet in France                                                            2010 China CIAF

2004 World Meet in Croatia                                                           2012 China Demos

2006 World meet in Russia                                                            2013 World Cup in Dubai                                                        The "Hall of Fame" in our house.....

2008 World Meet in the Netherlands                                             2014 World Meet in Bosnia

2010 World Meet in Menzelinsk Russia

2012 World Meet in Dubai UAE

Here is a link to our most recent world record 100-way diamond we completed in November of 2007 at Lake Wales  Florida  USA:

More Skydiving Photos

Our 81-way world record in 2005 just before sunset

The first video is of our 100-way world record we did November 2007

The second video is a couple of rounds of competition at the 2008 World Skydiving Championships in The Netherlands.

Below:      Brian was interviewed at the 2008 World Meet for a European TV station: