This year (2011) we are off again to finish the Registers Annual

Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI). This year we are accompanied by Eli Godwin from New York, one of our team mates. We began our adventure this year meeting in Davenport on Saturday July 23rd at 9am. The plan was to leave our our vehicles at the end of the RAGBRAI so they are waiting for us when we finished. We then rented a car to drive to the start. On the way we run into a bad accident when three semi trucks rolled on the freeway so we sat for 90 minutes while they sorted that out. Once in Glenwood (the start town) we roamed around while temperatures climbed to 97 degrees. It was going to be the hottest RAGBRAI we have been to by far. But wait, now the tornado alarms are going off. Ahhh, yes, the RAGBRAI..... off to a great start!Day 1 - Glenwood to AtlanticDay 2- Atlantic to CarrollDay 3 - Carroll to BooneDay 4 - Boone to AltoonaDay 5 - Altoona to GrinellDay 6 - Grinell to CoralvilleDay 7 - Coralville to Davenport