Members from Clean Air and Redline teamed up to perform at the 2010 China International Airsports Fiesta. Here are some photos of the Airshow and site seeing while in China:

Some of the site seeing photos:

Balloons getting ready to launch

Paramotors playing follow the leader

At the Beijing Summer Palace - the shops line the lagoon

Also at the Beijing Summer Palace - temples surround the mountainside

At the Forbidden City - In the garden

The team eats breakfast before climbing TaiShan

Chase getting ready to try a chicken eye and chicken tongue for lunch

Chris and Liz decide to take a motorized pedicab to go do some shopping

 Brian Fairhurst falls asleep while waiting for dinner - so naturally we pin a "Take Me To the Hotel" sign on him to make sure he makes it home....

Brian Faifhurst displays the Chinese Flag

Forbidden City - Inside one of the temples

Outside the South wall of the Forbidden City

Chris & Brian start their smoke downplane

Chris & Brian getting ready to do the US flag downplane with their 800 square foot flag

The Great Wall - Badaling Section we get ready to hike a short section of the wall - up and down the hills

The team poses on the Great Wall

A section of un-restored Great Wall

Chris and Liz doing some shopping in Beijing

Some of the 8,000 life sized Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an. Most are 5'10" to 6'6" tall. No two are alike

One of the soldiers gets restored next to several of the horses

Pam and Chase pose with the accur- acy fairies

After 2,000+ years of solitude the Terracotta Warriors were found in 1974 when the land was attempted to be developed. Restoring the statues will take as long as it took to initially construct them.At the entrance to the Temple of Heaven in BeijingBeijing Ring Road 2Beijing Ring Road 2 during rush hour

Climbing up the 7,200 steps of TaiShan (about 3/4 of the way up)

Gao Meao (our interpreter for CIAF looks at the map of TaiShan (Mount Tai) and decides to climb the mountain with us

Gary, Pam, and Brian with only 200 steps remaining to crest  TaiShanThe summit team poses while the base team awaits word on our ascent of TaiShanOne of the temples of TaiShan

Shops at the top of TaiShan

Incense and locks we common at all the temples that lined the mountain

A flower bed at the Summer Palace