The 2004 World Meet was held in Rejeka Croatia. We found a cheap air fare to London, then caught Ryan Air over to Trieste Italy and would drive the rest of the way. Chris had to wear his 30 pond weight vest through security and onto the airplane since they had a 10 kilo weight limit on carry on luggage.

On one of our days off we head over to Bosnia. It had been two years since the war had ended so what could possibly go wrong?

The 8-way team gets ready to board.

As we head for our desination, Banja Luka, we notice a lot of bullet holes in buildings......

The 8-way team in front of the Turbolet jump plane. They told us we would be jumping out of MI8's but changed it the day before competition - why not....

In Banja Luka, Chris stops to get a hair cut. Here he is with his barbar.

Sitting outside the DZ restaurant waiting for a call....

Landings under the 107's were always fun - as FG says "Always like a box of chocolates"

Pam poses in the town of Pula at some of the Roman ruins.We slip over to Ljubljana Slovenia to see what is up in this country. The city and country are absolutely beautiful! We will have to come back to this magnificent country when we have more than one day!

All smiles after every jump!

While in Ljubljana we stop to eat some pizza... and it was great pizza!

More smiles!

After the competition is over we head to Venice.

Joe Lambright packing up for another......

More Venice

Heading to the plane getting high fives from the US delegation.

The Entire US Delegation........... shwish, shwish, shwish.......

We spent the night in Milan. Then toured around northern Italy through the Alps before heading back to Trieste.And finally we wind up spending a few days in London waiting for our trans Atlantic flight home.

The US 4-way team receiving their GOLD medals!Chris GayMark GregoryKeith ThivergeMike PaolinPaul "Q" QuandtBrian Pangburn

The 8-way Speed Team receiving their bronze medals.Chris, Mark, Brian, "Q", Mike, Keith, Raul Ramirez, Joe Lambright, Kevin Ingley. Tim RaupIt wasn't hard to nail down the 3rd place slot.....