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2003 was our first world meet and competing only in 8-way speed.... we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into......

The Entire CRW USA delegation

Our 8-way team imitates from the movie "Stripes" doing the boom shuckleuka march out out to the plane. We were a hit with the other teams - at least on the ground......

The entire USA delegation lines up for a photo

Team Redline dirt drinking for their next..... well drink.

The times between loads was excessive.... what to do - what to do.....

2nd Place for the SILVER medal at our first world meet.... not bad...

The 2003 World Meet was held in Gap France (south central).

The view from near the top of Fort Moyenne. It was an old abondoned French fort that we thought should have an American flag flying high above it... and it did after we were done! (and why did we not get a photo of that??)

For the closing ceremonies they erected a stage.

On our release day we drove an hour South to the Mediterranean Sea near Marseille France.

One of the British team wants to feel more at home - so he swipes the shrubbery from the judges area. "We want SHRUBBERY!"